About Koke Me Designs



Hey there!
I'm Sammie - I'm the creator of all the weird and wonderful things you see on Koke Me Designs. 

I have a beautiful little home set-up where I can create my magic. My partner and I live in the gorgeous coastal town of Merimbula on the far south coast of NSW, Australia!
I am a mental health support worker by day and a crafter & reader by night. If you ever recognize a name on one of my yarns or pieces I have probably used a character's name from a book!

For as long as I can remember I have always been hands-on wanting to make things, anything, and everything. It all started out when I was six helping my gorgeous mum with a patchwork quilt. She would measure, cut, pin, and then hand me the pieces to stitch. I always reflect on the trust she had in me with doing this! 
I believe I have my mum to thank for my creativity. I grew up hearing of her dreams and aspirations for sewing and they ended up becoming my own. I have been very lucky that she has never ever stopped me from doing anything creative - and if anything has pushed it more. (Thank you, Mum).

Skip ahead a few years - I hadn't touched anything creative in years! It was not until 2018 where I had some time off from a lovely wrist surgery which had me craving for creativity. I was seeing things on social media thinking to myself 'wow, I would love to do that'.
I started playing again, but firstly with plants... I started making Kokedama - thus 'Koke'. I then dove into more things as I kept finding things I wanted to try & master. 
The cherry on the cake was spinning. My beautiful Mother Dear started spinning when I started macrame. I remember the first day of both of us getting extremely frustrated at our new crafts (with me also laughing at her spinning). 

I have a big thank you to all my family and friends but especially my partner, he has really been the extra push through this year to get a big kick start on pursuing my dreams of creativity.